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Discover the Influencer Effect with Gloss Influencer Services.

Influencer Marketing services through industry leading contacts

Influencers are not just the present but the future of digital marketing. Although the marketing landscape is continually evolving, one thing is certain: influencer marketing is here to stay.






Social Media

Having influencers create content about your product or service helps to build trust and credibility around your brand, meaning that your audience will pay more attention and are more likely to respond. Influencer marketing helps to generate high-quality sales leads, and having a fresh take on content generation for your brand can help to attract attention from individuals who may have not otherwise looked twice.

Gloss influencer marketing gives you the opportunity to work with people who have gained credibility and experience in a specific niche on various platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and more. With a devoted and loyal fanbase who have bought into their lifestyle, values and opinions, influencers have a special relationship whereby they can influence their followers’ purchasing decisions which can be marketed towards.

Partnering with different brands they endorse and generate content for on various platforms allows these influencers to leverage their online presence and alter perceptions of their followers for the businesses they work with. With an influence that often reaches that of a pop star or actor – in a sense these are the modern-day celebrities.
This in turn can be marketed towards generating sales with trusted social media stars and sponsored brands. Similarities can be drawn from social media influencer marketing and word of mouth. Word of mouth from trusted and respected sources engage their audience and create a sense of community and reliability.

Investing in influencer marketing is a smart choice, but some brands can miss the mark. Gloss provides top-class social media influencer services to help you find the right fit for your brand, whether it’s a one-off campaign or longer-term arrangement. We function as an extension of your brand, supporting you from initial strategy all the way through to final execution and beyond. By working with us, you’ll benefit from campaign management which generates authentic content, leads and engagement.

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