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Scale your subscription service with Gloss.

Making your subscription service manageable

Ensuring that your subscription service obtains smooth transactions from order through to fulfilment. A subscription service is a business offering to sell products or services on a set timeline, such as monthly or weekly.







Online subscription billing and management can be complicated. Everything needs to be in order so that the right invoice gets to the right person at the right time. If this doesn’t happen, there can be extensive issues for your business and its cash flow.

Thankfully, Gloss are committed to ensuring that every last detail is taken care of when it comes to subscription management. Our tailored approach allows you to experiment with discounts and coupons, integrate multiple payment options, automate recurring billing, simplify custom billing and follow accurate revenue schedules, all in the name of driving more revenue for your business in the most efficient way possible.

There are 3 main types of subscription model programmes that companies offer.

Auto-ship subscriptions are the most common, and are often implemented specifically to provide convenience to customers. They work very well on any regularly-purchased good, like vitamins, skincare items, coffee, and pet food. Customers select the item(s) they want to receive, and can then select the delivery frequency. Orders are automatically generated and sent to the customer to replenish them. This saves customers time, energy, and trips to the store. is an excellent example of auto-ship subscriptions, as they have a program in place for pet food and treats.

Curated Box
This may be what most people think when they think about eCommerce subscriptions. This method was popularized by brands like Birchbox, though there are now many brands for many different tastes. With curated boxes, customers receive new and exciting shipments from the merchant each month, with new items inside. Curated boxes are typically sent to all subscribers on a specified day of the month. These subscriptions or “clubs” as many merchants like to call them, work very well for makeup and skincare products, alcoholic beverages, snacks, etc.

Though less common than Auto-ship and Curated Box subscriptions, access subscriptions are no less important. Access subscriptions offer recurring billing functionality to merchants, to provide customers access to a service. The most recognizable example of an access subscription is Amazon Prime, where a customer is billed yearly in exchange for free shipping, entertainment options, etc. Access subscriptions can also be found on education websites, professional associations, and even retail sites wanting to offer customers a Prime experience.
Many brands and retailers are now finding creative ways to offer all three types of subscriptions to their customers, increasing customer loyalty and overall revenue. As the trend continues and merchants keep leveraging the subscription model to attract and retain customers, it will be interesting to see how these subscription types change to meet both merchant and customer needs.

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